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Dean of College of Maritime
  • Name:Chang Hua Lien (Professor)

  • Education:Ph.D. in National Sun Yet-sen University

  • Research:Control theory、Artificial Intelligence、Digital Signal Processing、Electrical system and monitoring of vessel

  • TEL:+886-7-3617141 #23571 or +886-7-8100888 #25010、25223

  • E-mail:chlien@nkust.edu.tw

Associate Dean of College of Maritime
  • Name: Jen-Chun Lee(Professor)

  • Education:Ph.D.,Department of Electronic Engineering atChung Cheng Institute of Technology, National Defense University

  • Research:Deep Learining、Digital Image Processing、Communication Theory、Information Safety

  • TEL:+886-7-3617141 #23311、23575

  • E-mail:i923002@nkust.edu.tw

  • Name:Hsu Hsiang-Cheng (Assistant Professor)

  • Education:Ph.D. in National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology 

  • Research:Optical fiber sensors, Stirling engines, Numerical simulation analysis, Electronic circuits

  • TEL:+886-7-8100888 #25018

  • E-mail:cchsu@nkust.edu.tw

  • Name:Wen-Hsi Cheng (Assistant Professor)

  • Education:Ph.D. in National Sun Yet-sen University

  • Research:Pollution Control Technology, Marine Pollution Survey and Monitoring, Sampling and Analysis of VOCs, Trace Compound Sampling and Analysis, Occupational Safety and Health, Atmospheric Sampling and Monitoring by Drones

  • TEL:+886-7-8100888 #25013

  • E-mail:waynecheng@nkust.edu.tw

Jointly Appointed Faculty
  • Name:Shun Hsyung Chang (Professor)

  • Education:Ph.D. in National Sun Yet-sen University

  • Research:Underwater Acoustics Signal Processing、Digital Signal Processing、Communication Engineering、Array Signal Processing

  • TEL:+886-7-3617141 #23363

  • E-mail:shchang@nkust.edu.tw

  • Name:Chitsan Lin (Professor)

  • Education:Institute of Environmental Engineering, University of Connecticut, U. S. A

  • Research:Hazardous waste sites clean up, restoration, survey, field sampling, instrumental analysis, toxic waste data analysis and treatment; air pollutants detection and air quality data analysis; statistical analysis and receptor modeling; municipal solid waste management and treatment; set up industrial pollutant emissions database and pollution prevention regulations, resources conservation, recycling and management; environmental regulations and outreach environmental education;

  • TEL:+886-7-3617141 #23756

  • E-mail:ctlin@nkust.edu.tw

Part-time Faculty
  • Name:Edward Ming-Yang Wu (Chair Professor)

  • Education:Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University,U.S.A. and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

  • Research:Water Resources Systems Analysis、Environmental Systems AnalysisEnvironmental Engineering、Treatment Plant Design、Water&Waste water Treatment Plant Design、Engineering Projects Evaluation

  • TEL:+886-7-6577711 #3312

  • E-mail:edmywu@isu.edu.tw

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